Peak Oil

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Peak Cheap Oil Investing - Video #3

I was early in the timing when I predicted a crisis by 2015, but I stand by my original predictions: We're headed for a Peak Cheap Oil energy crisis. The Shale Revolution bought us as much as 5 years, but the crisis is still coming, sooner or later. This 3rd video, produced in December 2014, four years after the first two videos were produced, provides a comprehensive update on the Peak Cheap Oil situation. It also includes my latest long-term crude oil price forecast and debunks some common misconceptions about U.S. Energy Independence.


Introduction to Peak Oil

I recently self-produced two videos about Peak Oil for investors. The first explains what Peak Oil is all about, and the second describes how speculative investors might profit from it.


Peak Oil Explained for Investors (video 1 of 2)

Peak Oil Explained for Investors (video 1 of 2)


Peak Oil Speculative Trading Strategies (Video 2 of 2)

Peak Oil Speculative Trading Strategies (video 2 of 2)


Peak Oil Resources

Links to Additional Information

Ch. 17a/b/c of Chris Martenson's (free) Crash Course Video (click here)

Eric Janszen's Peak [Cheap] Oil commentaries (click here)

The Oil Drum (General Discussion) (click here)

ASPO International (click here)

The Amazon pages for the books I recommended are:

The Impending World Energy Mess by Robert Hirsch et al

Oil 101 by Morgan Downey


Peak Oil Discussion

If you would like to participate in a discussion about Peak Oil or my perspective on Peak Oil's impact on the World economy you are welcome to do so here.


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